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It’s safe to say I don’t always take as good of care of myself as I should, as evidenced in my post about about self love. Like a lot of moms of young kids, I grab what’s most convenient to eat and get way less rest than I should. At the end of the day though, all these short cuts add up and I not only feel run down, but I look it too. I’ve felt the urge to take back control for a while now and try to focus on my own well being during the day, but it’s hard when you don’t know where to start. Thankfully, the latest work from Jolene Hart, Eat Pretty, Live Well, came into my life at just the right time. I’m a huge fan of her first book, Eat Pretty, and knew I would love this journal that perfectly compliments it. She has such a wealth of knowledge!

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Eat Pretty, Live Well is a guided journal that gives you tons of information on the food you should be eating and other lifestyle factors to help you feel and look your best. It’s like someone is holding your hand and helping you to make the best possible choices each day for your specific needs. She not only shows what foods can be Beauty Betrayers (foods that basically do nothing good in your body and often cause inflammation, aging, etc.), but she also walks you through the power that certain foods hold with a whole glossary of healthy foods and what their benefits are. Did you know cherries prevent UV damage and support healthy connective tissue? Or that pomegranate maintains healthy collagen and boosts blood flow to skin? So incredible! 

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The journal starts out by having you rethink healthy beauty and helps you focus on becoming the best, healthiest version of you. Jolene Hart focuses a lot on what certain foods do in our body, but she also pulls in other factors like how much sleep you’re getting and taking time to de-stress and connect with friends and family. I loved that she gave an example of what an ideal beautifying day would be and from what you would eat to how you even got out of bed in the morning, it shows you how to really take care of yourself. My favorite part of the journal would probably be the Grocery List For Beauty Goals, where she breaks down specific goals you may have such as healthy hair or a flat belly and lists out which foods are best to helps with that goal. Eating with the seasons is a strong theme throughout the journal and I learned so much about what to eat for each time of the year and why it’s beneficial. 

“When it comes to beauty, our most profound discovery is often the deep connection between nutrition and the way we look and feel.” -Jolene Hart, Eat Pretty, Live Well

All of that before you even start writing in the journal! After some Q+A’s on your relationship with food and other factors and setting some goals for yourself, you are well equipped to start making some better choices and that’s where the actual journaling comes in. Each entry is set up to help you keep a food diary and also document things like what you’re grateful that day, how much sleep you got and what kind of things you did to take care of yourself that day. The journal entries are so thorough and really help you to slow down and think about your day from how you felt after you ate certain foods to thinking back to when you felt and looked your best that day. It’s really an awesome way to keep be more mindful of how you’re taking care of yourself. 

Obviously I love this journal and have been bookmarking it and referencing it nonstop since I received it! I knew this was something I needed to share with my readers so I’ve teamed up with the author to giveaway one Eat Pretty, Live Well journal! See below for how to enter. You can purchase a copy here. Good luck everyone! Cheers to your healthiest self. xo

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