About Maison Pur

Maison PurWelcome to Maison Pur! I started this blog after getting completely fed up about the toxic ingredients in everything from my beauty products to my kid’s bath products. I thought someone was monitoring this stuff! Turns out, no one is watching over this self-regulated industry- especially cosmetics. Disappointed? Or just curious about really is going with your products? Join me in being your own advocate, and explore a whole world of non-toxic beauty, children’s products, and just general clean living.

**I do sometimes receive products from companies to try out and review, but I would never recommend something that I don’t love or that doesn’t perform. I also include affiliate links on some posts, which means if you purchase something after you click on the link I may get a small commission. I use those funds for the monthly maintenance fees of my blog. For inquiries regarding product reviews or just general information please email me at molly@maisonpur.com.