Peace Out Toxins: Back To Basics July Box

This past spring, I shared about Back To Basics and their mission to help you clean up your home and personal care products by swapping your regular products for all natural versions. This month I’m sharing their Household Combo box and it’s packed with great products for the whole family. While I have a couple of beauty boxes that I can’t get enough of, I have to admit that I love getting a mix of products in this box. Not only does it include household items, but the combo box also has men’s products, which is something a lot of boxes don’t offer. It’s all useful stuff that you may not even have thought to find a healthier or more eco-friendly alternative for. Ever thought to switch up your floss for one that isn’t coated in chemicals? Well this box has you covered, for floss and much, much more. You know it’s good when Franklin Waffles approves.

Frankie Back To Basics

July Household Combo Box


Erbaviva Buzz Spray

I mentioned this in my 7 Things For July post and we are still using it on the regular. It’s one of the only natural bug sprays I’ve found that actually works. It’s safe for the whole family and keeps pesky mosquitoes at bay. The best part is that it’s free of all the pesticides, synthetic chemicals and fragrances that conventional bug sprays have.

Radius Dental Floss

Radius Dental Floss

Did you know most dental floss is coated in PFC’s (think Teflon) to help improve glide? There’s a reason these chemicals have started to get shunned from the kitchen. More and more studies have shown just what they do to our bodies, so you can bet I don’t want it on my dental floss either! Radius floss is made from vegetable-based nylon and the flavor and wax coating is 100% natural.

Au Naturale Lip Gloss

Au Naturale Lip Gloss in Passionfruit

I was thrilled to see Au Naturale’s Lip Gloss in the box! I’m a big fan of their makeup and their mission to reform beauty industry standards. The lip gloss is a pretty shade of pink and all of their makeup truly holds it’s own against conventional. They are proof that natural makeup can perform. Since Au Naturale just launched on the Back To Basics site, we’ve teamed up to celebrate with a special discount for my readers. Use code MPNATURALE15 for 15% off of any Au Naturale products until 7/28. This is a great time to stock up! They even offer free shipping on order over $59.

Organ(y)c Cotton Rounds

Organ(y)c Cotton Rounds

You may wonder why it matters to use organic cotton rounds instead of the regular ones. Here’s the deal: cotton is known as one of the “dirtiest” crops, meaning crops get sprayed with a very heavy amount of pesticides and herbicides and much of that stays on the cotton during processing. Most conventional cotton is then bleached which produces the unintentional byproducts we know as dioxins. Dioxins are extremely toxic to humans and as Back To Basics points out in this month’s box, the EPA has stated there is no safe level of exposure. Kind of crazy that all of that junk can be in our everyday products! I like to use reusable organic cotton rounds when possible, but it’s nice to have the disposable on hand for messier jobs like removing nail polish. Organ(y)c Cotton Rounds are nice and thick and hold together well while using them too.

Truce Cleaner

Truce Cleaner

You know I love a good all natural cleaner! This one comes preloaded with concentrated ingredients and you simple add your own tap water to the bottle, then shake it up and you’re ready to clean. It has a peppermint scent (with a touch of rosemary) and very simple, yet effective, ingredients. This is great for hard surfaces, but you can also use it as a spot cleaner on fabric. Most importantly, it does a great job of cleaning without any harmful ingredients.

Thinksport lotion

Thinksport After Sport Skin Lotion

This lotion is great for guys or girls after playing hard in the sun. It’s designed to help your skin heal and stay hydrated. The ingredients are great and it has a light, clean scent. I also need to point out the generous size (the bottle is huge!) and the pump- because I always tell you all how much I love pumps. I wish everything came with a pump honestly. Even my hubby approves of this lotion!

July Back To Basics

You can sign up for Back To Basics Household Combo box here. If you have a family, I think this is the best deal. You get two full sized women’s products, two full sized men’s products and two full sized home products for $45.99. They also offer the Go Green Gent box for men which includes 2 body/selfcare products and 2 home products and the Eco Chic Chica box for women which has 2 beauty/bath/selfcare products and 2 home products. Both of those boxes are $29.99. You can also stock up on many of their nontoxic faves on their shop page. In addition to the special discount code for Au Naturale, I also wanted to mention that we’re teaming up for a fun giveaway on Instagram later today, so keep an eye out! Here’s to cleaning up our routines and getting back to the basics! xo


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