October Beauty Heroes

Can a face wash or body wash really be a hero product? This is what I thought to myself when I first received the October Beauty Heroes box. Some months I know ahead of time what we’ll be receiving and some months it’s a surprise. This was one of those surprise months and I have to admit, at first I was wondering how anything you quickly rinse off your skin could be considered hero-worthy. Well, it took me exactly one time trying each of the dual heroes to change my mind. I’ve said before how Beauty Heroes has a knack for finding the best of the best products and this month they’ve even surprised me with how much I’ve enjoyed using these and how great they make my skin feel (seriously, cannot get over my skin while using these! More about that in a moment though..). They also surprised me by introducing me to a new all-natural brand which I can’t wait to try more from. I mean, if their body wash is this good, I can imagine the other products must be out of this world!

October Beauty Heroes

LINNÉ Botanicals is a relatively new line, but what stands out besides the excellent formulations of their products, is their utter and total transparency. They not only disclose all of their ingredients, but they also happily offered up all of the sourcing for the ingredients to Beauty Heroes and the Ambassadors, so we could see first hand where everything is coming from. Anytime you see such a high commitment to ingredient purity, usually the product directly reflects this in it’s quality. They also go out of their way to source native plants that our more than organic as they’re grown naturally, in their native environment and are able to be as active and nutritious as possible. As I mentioned, this is a new line to me, but seeing how far they go for ingredient sourcing definitely grabs my attention.

The Hero(es)

PURIFY Face Wash

PURIFY Face Wash– Reading through the ingredient list is like checking off the most massive skin wish list possible. This brightens, softens, detoxes, exfoliates, stimulates, tones, protects, clears skin, and more. It’s full of cleansing salt powders and clays, so this isn’t your traditional sudsy wash. Instead you massage it on and it gently cleanses skin, while pulling out dirt and grime and giving a soft exfoliation. I love the feel of it. It has just the slightest amount of grit to it which you can feel when you apply it. The scent herbal and citrusy at the same time. You can definitely smell the tea tree oil, as well, which is great for clearing up any trouble spots. I find this does a great job of washing the day away- makeup included- and it leaves my skin very soft and really clear!


ACTIVATE Body Wash– While this is different from the face wash, it essentially keeps all of the most important characteristics. Like the face wash, this also is non-sudsing and offers just a little grit for exfoliation. It goes on dark because of the activated charcoal, but man, does it draw out any and everything in your skin! This has been a game changer for my skin. ACTIVATE leaves it so soft, smooth, bright, even toned, the list goes on! Where was it during summer when I was baring more of my skin? I’m fully addicted and though the price gives me pause (or tears, because it’s very pricey for a body wash), at least Beauty Heroes members get a 15% discount all the time at the Beauty Store and they’re now fully stocked with LINNÉ Botanicals.

October Beauty Heroes

As always, Beauty Heroes is THE best deal around people. Great products every month, at a steal. The retail value of this month’s box is $106 ($58 for the face wash and $48 for the body wash), but through Beauty Heroes you get to try both for $39. You can sign up before the 20th to receive this month’s box here. PS- There’s still a few of the limited edition Gressa boxes, so grab them while you can! xo

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