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As our whole family makes the switch to natural products, you didn’t think we’d forget our beloved dog, did you? I’m constantly appalled by what’s been hiding in our household products and even the things we slather all over ourselves (like soaps and lotions), but our pets have it even worse! Even their food is full of chemical preservatives and synthetic nutrients. I’m trying to be more careful about what goes in and on our sweet dog, Bosco!

bosco worried 2

{He’s worried about what’s in his products too!}


Dog treats are becoming easier and easier to find natural versions of. Especially the bakery style treats that can be found anywhere from boutiques to the farmer’s market. Our favorite treats for Bosco are the Newman’s Own Organics Premium Dog Treats. I love that they are organic and you can find them in most major retailers.

Where to buy: Amazon

Cost: $22.22/pack of 6 312DMQrtY+L

Simply Fido‘s super cute dog toys are made from organic canvas. I love this one, since Bosco likes to play tug, but they have a ton to choose from!

Where to buy: Amazon

Cost: $13.16


{Not Bosco}

I also love these Planet Dog Oribee Tuff produce for a dog that needs to be kept busy. They have a few different ones but all have a treat pocket inside so the dog has to work for it.

Where to buy:

Cost: $12.45


{Bosco doesn’t need to be kept busy these days,

he’s more a dog of leisure..}


Even bath products for dogs are full of no-no chemicals. There are a lot of new ones out there now that are chemical-free and safe for your pet and you. Earthbath makes a great one for dogs with sensitive skin.

Where to buy:

Cost: $9.99

What natural products have you found for your pet?


  1. Danielle Says: July 16, 2014 at 6:38 pm

    Bosco deserves the best!

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