Top Natural Deodorant Picks

Deodorant is high on the priority list of things to switch if you want to detox your routine, but it’s also one of the hardest things to find a good natural alternative for. I’ve tried so many natural deodorants that I’ve lost count and many have been flops (in some cases I think I would have smelled better with no deodorant). It’s almost enough to make you throw in the towel and go back to conventional. Let’s face it- No one wants to be stinky! The good news is that I’ve found some products that get the job done and keep you smelling fresh.

Natural deodorant

Let’s talk about why deodorant is so important to switch out. I’ve shared before about the harmful effects of ingredients like synthetic fragrance, harsh preservatives, and artificial conditioning agents (all of which are in conventional deodorants), but the biggest bad guy in deodorant is Aluminum. First and foremost, it’s a neurotoxin that’s been linked with dementia and Alzheimer’s in some studies. Secondly, the aluminum stops your sweat by actually plugging up your sweat glands in your armpits, which is stopping one of your body’s biggest ways to detox itself. So you’re putting toxins in and preventing your body from getting toxins out, all in one swipe of deodorant.

If you’ve never switched to natural deodorant and try one of these, please know that the first two weeks will be rough. Remember all those little plugs created by the aluminum? Those take a couple weeks to come out and your body follows it with a little bit of a detox. You may find yourself sweating a bit more than normal as the stuff that your glands have been trying to expel work their way out. Not fun, I know, but I promise that it’s temporary!

My Favorite Clean Deodorants

Green Tidings

Green Tidings

Green Tidings is a great all around deodorant. They have two versions, unscented and Lavender, and they’re pretty gender neutral. Green Tidings comes in a convenient twist up tube, so it’s easier to apply than some natural versions. It’s also moisturizing and keeps your skin feeling soft. I think for the price and the fact you can easily buy it on Amazon, this is a great pick for someone who wants to give natural deodorants a try. Most importantly, it does work well to keep you stink free. One caveat- it contains baking soda, which is great for fighting odor, but some skin types can be sensitive to it. I’m slightly sensitive to baking soda, so I can’t use this right after shaving or for too many days in a row without getting some irritation. I typically will switch it up if I feel I’m getting irritation and come back to it in a few days. Find it here on Amazon.

Agent Nateur

Agent Nateur

This brand smells every bit as luxe as it looks. I’ve tried the Holi(rose) and Holi(man) and they may be the best smelling deodorants I’ve ever tried. The twist up containers are convenient and it has a very smooth consistency. Out of any natural deodorant I’ve tried, this is the longest lasting for me. I can put it on in the morning and 24 hours later I still smell like roses. It’s pretty amazing. The downside is that I seem to be particularly sensitive to the baking soda in these formulas, so I always get some irritation when I use it. I like to save it for a big event, or times I know I’ll have a long day. You can buy them direct from Agent Nateur or find them at The Detox Market, Integrity Botanicals or Beauty Heroes Shop (if you’re a Beauty Heroes member you get 15% off).

Meow Meow Tweet deodorant

Meow Meow Tweet Baking Soda Free

Bet you can guess why I use this! This formula uses magnesium instead of baking soda to combat bad smells. I love their fresh and creative scents and how gentle the formula is. I use the jar version, but they have a push up tube as well that has a more solid consistency. This does work for me, but I need to reapply midway through the day to keep smelling fresh. I tend to reach for this on days I’ll mostly be home or running errands since I know I won’t get any irritation from it and I don’t necessarily need something that long lasting (or I know I’ll have the chance to reapply). Find it at Integrity Botanicals or The Detox Market.

Green tidings deodorant

Three great picks for finding a natural deodorant that works well for you! With any of these, you’ll be on your way to smelling fresh naturally. If you’re feeling lucky head over to Instagram, where I’ve teamed up with Green Tidings for a pretty big giveaway (pssst- FIVE winners will be picked!). Happy Friday! xo

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  1. Loved this Molls! Pretty pics too! And I’d have to say, I’ve tried all of these deos and they all work great! The Holirose has been a miracle worker for me – but I do love that Green Tidings one too!

  2. Thanks Sammie! So glad you love them all too! xo

  3. Hey love ur blog.what about Tom’s natural deodrant, this company has toothpaste too; found at Traders joes! Thanks

  4. Thanks so much! Tom’s may be a little better than conventional brands, but they still include a lot of not clean ingredients. Many of their deo’s still have aluminum and their toothpaste has things like SLS and carrageenan. I think there are way better brand out there.

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