My Morning Routine

I’ve gotten a lot of requests lately to share my morning skincare routine and also some questions about what I eat and requests to share more healthy breakfast ideas for families. So I thought it would be fun to wrap it all up into one post and show my whole morning routine from what I eat to what products I use.

Breakfast Time

If you’ve been reading my blog for any length of time, then you know I’m not a morning person, so I try to do as much as I can the night before, like packing lunches, etc. Most mornings my husband and I wake up about 6:45 and then I get Carson up for breakfast and to get ready for school. Breakfast for the kids is usually something like oatmeal or eggs with fruit on the side or sometimes I’ll make muffins or waffles they can have with their eggs (usually with fruit or veggies baked in). I try not to give them tons of dairy, but once in a while we do yogurt. Siggi’s is a great brand because it’s low sugar and the cows are grass fed and pasture raised. It’s not organic, but grass fed dairy is inherently more nutritious than most organic dairy, which typically comes from cows that eat only organic feed and live in pens their whole life. (Organic is still better than non-organic, but grass-fed trumps both)

I use the time while he eats to get in some quality one on one time. Each morning we try to read from his devotional. We’ve been using this one and he really likes it. During this time I also drink a big glass of water with lemon juice and about a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar. Then it’s a flurry of getting him dressed and packing up his bag. He’s in 1st grade now and can do most everything independently, but he’s a professional dawdler, so mostly I’m there to tell him to get a move on. Usually sometime between his breakfast and getting dressed Annabelle wakes up and joins us. Then my husband takes Carson to school on his way to work. They usually head out the door about 7:25.

Morning Routine

Next I repeat much of the above with Annabelle. She’s in preschool a few mornings a week, so those days she doesn’t go in until 9:30, which gives us plenty of time to get ready. I serve her breakfast and then we chat while I make my own. Sometimes I’ll make chia seed pudding the night before, but most mornings I have a smoothie. I just find it to be the best way to pack in as much good stuff as I possibly can. I use this model from Weelicious for making a well rounded smoothie. What I’ve been adding lately is, 1/2 a banana, berries, kale, spirulina powder, hemp protein, maca powder, fresh ginger, hemp hearts, and almond butter. I add some filtered water and then blend it up. I don’t like to sweeten my smoothies beyond the fruit, so there’s probably much tastier recipes out there, but I mostly make sure I’m getting all the good stuff I need with it. I buy frozen organic fruit and veggies at Costco for our shakes. It’s SO much cheaper and I like having my smoothies a little bit cold. I also buy a big 2 lb. bag of organic chia seeds there for cheap that my husband uses in his smoothies. I’ve cut way back on coffee after following the protocol prescribed for me by Harvey Health, but I still have one cup in the morning after breakfast. Annabelle eats slow, so we usually finish up about 8 or 8:15.

Morning Skincare routine

After Breakfast, I get Annabelle settled with an activity and I get myself ready. She’s 4, but it’s still pretty hard to get ready with her in the morning since she will frequently come in to ask me to play or get something for her, etc. Or she wants to start playing in my makeup and brushes, so I try to keep my routine quick. I honestly don’t mind her coming in though. I think there was a time in early motherhood that I longed for the block of uninterrupted time to get ready, like I had before kids, but I see how quickly time flies now. I know there will soon be a day that I’ll miss her little voice asking for things and her little hands all up in my makeup.

Morning Skincare Routine

My current routine looks something like this:

First, I cleanse with Kalima from Leahlani. It gives a very gently exfoliation and doesn’t suds up or strip skin. Next I use h is for Love POLLEN Illuminating mist toner. Followed with a couple of drops of khus khus’s Sans Age oil (I love this face oil!). Then I apply my Josh Rosebrook Nutrient Day Cream with SPF. Lastly I apply 100% Pure’s Coffee Bean Eye Cream. It helps with puffiness and sinks into skin fast, so it’s easy to apply makeup over it.

After that, I apply makeup and get Annabelle ready. Then we’re off to school or to run errands! What does your morning look like? Anyone else a smoothie addict in the morning? xo


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