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If you live in a place like L.A. or Portland, chances are that you have your pick of holistic healthcare practitioners to chose from. But for most of us, it’s much more daunting to find any holistic options locally. Where I live in Charlotte, there are just a small handful of holistic practices and you can wait months to try to get an appointment with one. That’s where GoHarvey.com comes in. Harvey is a holistic and integrative healthcare service, but it’s all done online. Their Naturopathic doctors offer video call appointments and at home labs. Not only is it a time saver by consolidating your appointment with no wait room or driving, but it gives access to millions of Americans who otherwise would have few or no holistic options. I’ve even got a discount code for you down below!

Why is Holistic Healthcare Important?

Holistic healthcare providers look for the root cause of the problem rather than just treat symptoms. I always think holistic = whole since they look at the whole picture of you, including diet, stress, exercise, sleep and more to see what could be causing an issue.

Since options are limited where I live, I see an integrative practitioner, which as the name implies, integrates a holistic approach into traditional western medicine. While I really like the P.A. I see, I’ve wanted to visit a Naturopath to dig in a little deeper and get a better snap shot of my health. Harvey offered to share their online holistic healthcare services with me and I couldn’t wait to give them a try.

(I received my services free of charge, but was this post is not sponsored or paid for in any other way. As always, my opinions are my own.)

Harvey Health

My Experience With Harvey

First I made an appointment online and then filled out a very detailed intake form, which took about 15 minutes. It focuses a lot on your lifestyle and habits and also has you zero in on what your top symptoms are. While I consider myself to be generally healthy, I’ve had some annoying, yet random symptoms. From headaches to brain fog- nothing too drastic on it’s own, but it all added up to me not feeling like my best self.

Next I had an hour long video consultation with Dr. Amanda Frick N.D., LAc. Usually it’s $150 for this first, in-depth consult. We talked through some of my intake form and she asked a lot of follow up questions to get a better picture of what was going on. She told me it sounds like I have estrogen dominance (which I did not see coming, but actually makes so much sense) and prescribed some supplements and ordered a micronutrient lab test. She also suggested I have a full panel run. Since Harvey was covering one test for me and the micronutrient test usually $339, she suggested I go to my normal doctor for a physical and have them do the basic panel because it would be covered by insurance and she could then use the lab results in her treatment plan.

Harvey sent the kit for the lab test to me and then a Phlebotomist came to my house to take a blood draw for the the micronutrient test. The next day I headed to my doctor for a physical and yet another blood draw (ouch, I did not plan that well).

About two months after the initial consult, I had my follow up appointment to check in and go over my lab results. This is usually about $75. Turns out I was deficient or nearly deficient in quite a few nutrients, all of which have played a part in my symptoms. Some things like vitamin D were expected, but I was surprised by many of the others since I eat a pretty healthy diet. As we all know, our soil is much more depleted than it was a few decades ago and even with a healthy diet, it may not be enough since our food is less nutritious. Having the micronutrient test was so eye opening and I’m able to take supplements specifically for what my body needs now. It also explains some of what I had going on, like my lack of energy. Turns out I’m low/deficient in all of my B vitamins, which can lead to low energy.

I’m already feeling a lot of my symptoms go away and I’ll continue on with my current plan until I have another follow up in about 3 months. Although I received my care free of charge, after going through their process and seeing how much better I feel, I would 100% be willing to pay for this. I’m getting my hormones balanced and my nutrients in check and I’m feeling better by the week. I don’t think I’ve ever had such an in depth snap shot of my health.

Harvey Health

Final Tips + Discount Code

Harvey has offered my readers $25 off their first consultation with code MAISON. Harvey can service clients in all states except AK, FL, NY, SC or TN. If you’ve seen a holistic doctor before, then you know Harvey’s pricing is right in line with most other providers. Usually insurance does not cover this type of healthcare, but you may be able to utilize your HSA, if you have one. I was able to save some money by getting the blood panel done through my insurance at a regular doctor. If you’re dealing with any ongoing conditions, like acne, chronic pain, digestive issues, or more, it is well worth it to get to the root of the cause rather than spend years treating symptoms while getting sicker. All in all, the total cost I would have paid for my treatment is $564 ($150 for the 1st consult + $339 for micronutrient test + $75 for the follow up). Most labs are from under $100 up to $229. Only a couple top out over $300, like mine was. You can see all of the conditions they treat here and you can request an appointment here. Here’s to your best health!



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