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Sometimes, you just click with someone right away and become friends immediately. Well, that’s exactly what happened with the lovely Lauren of! Not only is she a licensed esthetician who has a big heart for non-toxic beauty, but she’s also an incredibly brave mama of two little cuties. Lauren is such an inspiring and beautiful person inside and out. We wanted to get to know each other better, so I got her to dish on everything from non-toxic living to a few of her favorite things and she did the same with me. Read on for my interview with her!



Maison Pur: What made you decide to go green in your household?
FreeLoveBeauty: Well, last year my son Landon who was two at the time got extremely sick out of nowhere. After multiple hospital stays, scans. blood draws, etc. he was diagnosed with Stage 1 Neuroblastoma (a children’s cancer) along with OMS syndrome. My blog gives a more in depth background on my son’s story and details of his illness.  Not knowing what caused this to happen to my son was the reason I decided to go green. I literally threw everything out and started fresh with nontoxic, organic and safe products! My son, the bravest soul I know, is my inspiration!!
MP: So how did you come up with the name of your blog?
FLB: Haha, this is kind of a funny answer but I have always felt that I am an older soul. I have always felt like I was born in the wrong era and have always told my parents that I belong in the 60’s and 70’s. So I wanted a name that represented that side of me, “Free Love” is a very fitting statement from that time period and I thought it tied into my mantra, “free your skin of the toxins, and love your skin naturally.” Is that deep enough for ya?! haha
MP: How many kiddos do you have? Ages and names?
FLB: I have two kids. Landon, my son is three and a half and Kameron, my daughter just turned eight months! My kids are my inspiration, my world.
MP: What type of impact are you looking to have from your blog??
FLB: I think the overall main goal of my blog is to show everyone that it’s possible to achieve wonderful skincare and makeup results from organic and all natural products. As an esthetician and makeup artist, it’s really important for me to use my background and knowledge to help people make the switch but more importantly help people figure out what works for them as individuals, based on skin types and concerns.  I think over time I would also like to spread some awareness about my son’s syndrome since it is so very rare and not many people have ever heard of it.
MP: What is your favorite green beauty product??
FLB: Oh my goodness this is really, really hard. As of right now, I would have to say my favorite thing is the Kjaer Weis Radiance Highlighter. It is just SO beautiful. The packaging is superb and it gives me the perfect pearly beige, airbrushed glow. I love to sweep it on my eyelids when I don’t get enough sleep the night before!! It’s the perfect multi-use product for me right now.
MP: What do you suggest for those trying to make the switch to a green lifestyle?
FLB: The best advice I can give is to start slowly, don’t overwhelm yourself and start with the basics! Filter out your products and replace as needed with green products!! Unless your are filthy rich it may take awhile to go completely green, but in the end it will be worth it!!
MP: What are your top 5 favorite bands/music artists?
FLB: Hmmmm…in no particular order, The Black Keys, Lana Del Rey, Led Zeppelin, Jack White, Muse. That was really hard, I love music.
MP: Absolute favorite food?
FLB: Oh man I am so boring but I would have to say pizza, I LOVE pizza!
MP: If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be?
FLB: Ok, I haven’t been everywhere in the world but based on what I have seen, read, heard, etc. I would have to say somewhere in New England. The idea of raising my kids in a quaint New England village sounds like perfection to me. I am native to Southern California and am not the hugest fan, for many personal reasons. My husband and I got married in New York City and is it weird to say I felt this immediate calm when I was there?! I LOVE the East Coast!
MP: Favorite nail polish shade??
FLB: When I have actual time to paint my nails, I would have to say RGB in “Black”. Not very exciting I know but I love dark nails!!
 Don’t you just love her? Be sure to check out Lauren’s interview of me on her blog! Have a great weekend! xo


  1. pooh beautiful interview! Courageous women…Love it xx

  2. New England!!! Yay for Lauren, I want to move down South and she wants to come up here lol.

    Loved the interview, loved the story! You girls are amazing!

  3. Julie,
    You are the best! Thanks so much for always being so sweet and encouraging. xo

  4. Lol! You are almost trading places! but now you’ll be closer to me 😉

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