December Beauty Heroes: It’s A New Mūn

I seriously can’t believe it’s already December, but the good news is that it means lots of exciting things are in store for us this month, including the December Beauty Heroes box. I had a feeling it was going to be a good one, and I was not disappointed. This month Beauty heroes is exclusively launching the newest product from well loved skincare brand, MŪN. This is pretty big news since MŪN keeps their minimalistic line to just the essentials. Long time fans of their line will love the newest addition and if you’ve never tried MŪN, this is a great intro to the brand. I’m sure you’re dying to know- What is it??

MUN Cleanser

Meet Akwi, MŪN’s new Purifying Cleanser. This product rounds out MŪN’s line that includes (now) 3 face products and 2 body products. I wrote about their Anarose toner not long ago and really was impressed with my first intro to this brand. I love the minimalistic styling and how well the toner worked, so I was beyond excited to see their newest creation included in this month’s Beauty Heroes box.


Akwi’s ingredients include a blend of oils such as Argan, Camellia seed, rice bran oil and more, which somehow still translates into a very light cleanser. A few pumps of the cleanser massaged on your dry skin really gets every bit of makeup, dirt and oil up. Then rinse with warm water and your skin is clean, but not the least bit stripped. The cleanser has an almost milky, emulsified consistency and is relatively easy to rinse off. To me, it gives a lot of the same benefits as oil cleansing, but without the heaviness or difficulty rinsing it. For a deeper clean, you can use a warm washcloth- just press into your skin until it cools and you can use it to wipe any remaining residue away.

Organic washcloth

When you’re using such a luxe, all-natural cleanser, you can’t be expected to use just any old washcloth, right? As a very special side kick, included is MŪN’s special edition Ikeuchi Organic Cleansing Towel. It’s made by Ikeuchi Organics, which is a Japanese company that wind weaves organic cotton, bamboo and compostable rayon towels. How cool is that? It’s even dyed with low impact dyes. I love using the cleanser and the washcloth together, as it helps me slow down and enjoy the process of caring for my skin.

Beauty Heroes + MUN

The Akwi cleanser retails for $60 and the washcloth is $12, so once again Beauty Heroes is a great value for the price. Beauty Heroes is also offering members a gift of $20 towards any MŪN purchase from their Beauty Store. A card with all of the details for that will be included in your box this month. You can sign up for their boxes here and receive this month’s box. Other news to note: they still have some of the much loved beauty discovery box that I shared about last month (love, love, love this box) and more of the special Kahina Giving Beauty boxes, which includes my favorite body cleanser. They’re both limited addition so I think once they sell out, that’s it. Either would make a great gift though! Also, each month they have a special promo (for members or nonmembers) in their Beauty Store and December’s Love More promotion is a complimentary Kari Gran Tinted Peppermint Lip Whip (a $16 value) with any purchase in our Beauty Store over $125. You know I love my Lip Whips! xo

It's A New MUN

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