Bulles et Molécules: The Art Of Soap

If you read my post from yesterday, then you’re familiar with my interaction with Marie, the founder of Bulles et Molécules. We’ve followed each other on social media for some time and after my prevous post about Frankie’s allergies, she offered to send some of her husband’s line of pet soaps in hopes they’d help his skin. I’m so grateful that her husband’s pet soaps worked and helped to improve little Frankie’s skin, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t give her brand the spotlight for a moment. When she and her husband, Marc, packed up the parcel for Frankie they also generously included several soaps and other products from Bulles et Molécules. I used to be devoted to body wash and gels, but the last few years that’s changed and now I love a good bar soap, since they’re much more eco-friendly and tend to not need as many questionable ingredients (lathering agents, conditioning agents, etc). So I took it as a gracious gift that would be put to good use.. until I opened one.

Bulles et Molécules

The soap was a work of art and almost looked edible. The blogger in me quickly re-wrapped it and snapped some photos, before unwrapping all of them to get a look (for the record, this is the type of thing that makes my husband roll his eyes- especially when he’s waiting on a bar of soap so he can take a shower, lol). I’ve seen some pretty bars of soap, but these were gorgeous and each smelled so nice. After taking a closer look at the brand, I was so impressed with their ingredient research and commitment to produce the most natural products they could. Beyond that, they are just super nice people, committed to helping others have healthier choices. I know I talk a lot about the founders behind brands and to some, that may not matter. For me, I feel a call to support those brands putting their heart and soul into their products and going out of their to produce something that’s been made with a lot of attention to detail.

Bulles et MoléculesEach soap I opened was gorgeous. They sent me their Vegan Charcoal and Carrots soap, Dead Sea Mud soap and Oats and Honey soap. As you may imagine, they all smelled great, lathered well and were non-drying for my skin. My only complaint is that I almost hate to ruin such works of art by using them!

Natural SoapExfoliating Mask

They also sent some other goodies like their Exfoliating Facial Mask, Oats and Honey Body Scrub and a Black Cherries Lip Balm. Everything they sent has been lovely, so this is definitely a brand worth exploring if you’re new to them. Bulles et Molécules has generously offered my readers 15% off until the end of August with code Molly15. You can check out their entire line here. Happy Shopping!

*Products were gifted by Bulles et Molécules, but all opinions are my own.


  1. I am so, so happy that you like them. What a beautiful review! Thank you!!! xx

  2. You’re very welcome Marie!

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