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If you’ve been following along with my Boxwalla reviews, you already know that the October box is all about H is for Love! A line that happens to be one of my personal favorites for so many reasons. You can read my original review on this line here which includes some background on H is for Love, but long story short: The founder (Bee Ham) is knowledgeable and very skilled with ingredients which helps her create products with some of the most potent and unique natural ingredients. Not only that, H is for Love also gives back to some great causes. Pair that with the magical products that Bee creates and it’s nearly impossible not to fall for the line. The chic, pretty packaging is just the icing on top!

October Boxwalla

October Boxwalla Beauty: Wild Honey Box


RAPHA Harmonizing Cleanser

Packed with rich oils and healing herbal infusions, Rapha does so much more than just take off your makeup and cleanse your skin (although it does a pretty amazing job of taking the day off!). Hemp seed oil and pumpkin seed oil give the oil cleanser a nice feel and plenty of slip to really massage it into your skin and let it grab every trace of makeup and dirt from the day. After massaging it on, you use a warm washcloth to gently steam your face and then wipe the oil off. I find it leaves my skin clean but not stripped which is ideal. I love turmeric and really like using products that incorporate it in since it’s so anti-inflammatory. It just so happens one of the key ingredients in this is supercritical CO2 extractions of German Chamomile and turmeric, which is produced in such a way to keep the nutrients intact.

October Boxwalla

PROPOLIS Regenerative Mask (trial size)

Propolis has changed the way I feel about powdered masks. I usually find them pretty drying, so I only reach for them when I really feel like my skin needs a detox, but Bee explained that you should never allow the mask to fully dry on your skin (as that would be too drying) and suggested mixing it with more hydrating things, like honey. This mask is made to boost collagen, brighten and clear your skin, as well as nourish it and it does all of that and more. I find my skin feels very smooth and clean after I use Propolis.

October Boxwalla

KINU Body Balm

THIS made the box for me! I really enjoy using the other 2 products, but Kinu deserves all the heart eyes. It’s a golden body balm with just a little glow to it and it is pure perfection. The texture, the lightly sweet herbal scent, the subtle glow it leaves on your skin.. It’s all perfection. I do like body balms, but far too often they end up being greasy and leave a heavy, oily feel on your skin. This one is whipped to the perfect texture. It absorbs in fast and also deeply moisturizes. My skin feels soft and moisturized all day after U use I’m pretty sure I need to just go ahead and order a case of this for the winter time. Seriously, it’s that good. Just like the other products, the ingredients in this are pretty amazing, so you’re treating your skin while you moisturize.

If you want to get in on Boxwalla’s Beauty Box, you can order here. October’s subscriptions are closed and this box is bi-monthly, so the next box out will be in December. All of their boxes I’ve tried have had a great value and an excellent selection of products. The body balm alone in this month’s box is valued at $90, so it’s a steal with all 3 products inside. Happy Friday!

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