Boxwalla Beauty Box Featuring Earthwise Beauty

Boxwalla is back at it again with their bi-monthly beauty box, this time the theme is the Wandering Wood Nymph’s Sun-kissed Alchemy featuring Earthwise Beauty. Boxwalla has continued to surprise me with the brands they choose, which almost always are ones I haven’t tried, but quickly wish I’d tried them much sooner. Such is the case for Earthwise Beauty. I’ve known of this brand for a while, but I had no idea how unique and effective their products are. After spending some time with the products in the June box and researching their brand a bit, I’m very impressed by the purity and formulations they use. Boxwalla describes these products as the skincare equivalent of cold-pressed juices and now I see why!

Nap in the Meadow

Nap in the Meadow

This is an incredibly light and soothing serum for your skin. It’s formulated with fresh, cold-pressed aloe, along with elderberry extract, yarrow oil, German blue chamomile oil, turmeric supercritical CO2 extract and more. Each ingredient has proven results in things like tissue repair, soothing breakouts and sunburn, firming skin and healing it. It feels like a light silky veil going on your skin and quickly absorbs in. I’ve found it immediately makes my skin feel more hydrated and has a cooling effect. The bottle recommends keeping it in the refrigerator for freshness and I’ve found this also helps to de-puff my skin in the morning. This is a great serum for summer with it’s healing properties.

Ruby Face Oil

Ruby Face Oil

I’ve tried countless face oils, so it’s hard to surprise me in this area, but Earthwise Beauty did it. At first glance, Ruby Face Oil seemed thick and I was sure it would sit heavy on my skin. I also scoffed at the tiny bottle, but then I tried it. A little goes a long way and it completely disappears into my skin. Layered on top of Nap in the Meadow, it makes my skin feel incredibly soft and smooth and seems to make fine lines and pores go away. My skin just feels very hydrated and smooth. It includes a range of antioxidants and other skin nourishing ingredients. Even if you’re not a face oil person, I think this showcases all the good of a face oil without any of the bad (heaviness, sitting on skin instead of sinking in, etc).

Farizad's Veil

Farizad’s Veil

How would you like to make your favorite moisturizer have SPF 30+? This genius product is 94% non-nano, uncoated zinc oxide and can be mixed into any moisturizer to offer SPF protection. It’s a powder and the jar details how much to add and how to apply the mixture. You can even mix it with Ruby Face Oil to produce a lightweight moisturizer with SPF 30. This is perfect for a day you may want to use a certain moisturizer for whatever your skin needs, but you also want some sun protection.

Boxwalla June Box

As you may have guessed, the June box is sold out. This brand has some big fans and since Boxwalla is such a great deal, it went fast. The retail value of this month’s box is $158, making the box price of $49.95 a real steal! The good news is that subscriptions are open for the August box and you can sign up here. The August box is themed Summer Comes Softly and it features three full sized items that help to soften your skin: Odacite’s Oleosomes Time release Delivery Crème, Odacité’s Pa+G serum concentrate, and Henné Organics newly released Nordic Berries Lip Exfoliator. I really love Odacité and Henné Organics so I know it’s going to be a good box! The retail value of the August is $131, so once again it’s a great value. xo

August Boxwalla Beauty Box

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