Back To Basics: Your Health Makeover In A Box

Back To Basics is at it again this month, with another box full of useful, healthy swaps for your everyday items. As I’ve shared before the founder of Back To Basics, Ashleigh Frager, is a homeopath and spent several years treating patients that were suffering from things that were caused by their environments. While a lot of people may not think twice about the cleaning products they use or the artificial air freshener they spray, once you develop a chronic illness due to something as simple as synthetic fragrance, I bet detoxing your home becomes a top priority. That’s where Back To Basics comes in. After walking so many patients through the detox process, Ashleigh Frager wanted to help all people to have a safer home environment and she created a monthly box of healthier products fully vetted by her. This has quickly become one of my favorite boxes and even though I consider myself well versed in what natural products are available, I’ve been introduced to so many great finds through this box! I use every single thing that comes in it and the November Eco Chic Chica box is no exception. Psst- It also happens to be their birthday, so see below for a code for a fun gift with purchase

November Eco Chic Chica Box

November Back To Basics Box. Peace Out Toxins!

Organic Bath Co. Drenched Organic Body Butter

Back To Basics Box: Organic Bath Co. Body Butter

Why haven’t I tried this sooner? Seriously.. A more divine body butter, I have yet to meet! This whipped perfection has the best texture and moisturizes all day long. A little goes a long way and with the larger jar, I’m hoping this will last awhile. This may be a new winter staple for me.

Ahnesti Utiliti Gel

Back To Basics: Ahnesti Hair Gel

I’ve really not seen much in the way of gel’s in the natural hair care lines out there, so this was a surprise. I was also quite surprised that this was nothing like the gel’s that came to my mind from the 90’s. No crunchiness or stickiness here! This holds hair but think of it as more of a lotion that keeps hair soft, not stiff. I’m really impressed with it and was looking forward to trying more from this brand, but sadly I just got word that Ahnesti decided to close up shop in the near future. Hopefully another brand will step up to formulate a similar product.

Better Life Dish Soap

Back To Basics: Better Life Dish Soap

Skip the fake citrus breeze scents and chemical sudsing agents. This is works like a charm (I even tried it on a pan with really stuck on fried eggs). A generous size and fresh lemon mint scent, made this a quick hit with me. It’s an easy item to swap and you won’t even miss your old dish soap!

Full Circle Dish Brush

Back To Basics Box: Full Circle Dish Brush

What goes better with dish soap than a dish brush? This one is made from bamboo and recycled plastic. It’s a firm brush that does a great job scrubbing and it even has a little scraper edge for stuck on food. I’m a huge fan of dish brushes purely because I hate ruining my nails and this one not only works, but looks eco chic with the bamboo handle.

Peace Out Toxins Makeup Bag

Back To Basics: Makeup Bag

This cute travel bag is big enough to hold several of your full size toiletry items and I love the little tassel! This would be great for bringing shower stuff to the gym or for packing for travel. In honor of their birthday, they’re giving my readers a special gift with purchase. Use code BDAYGIFT to get one of these adorable bags with your next order from them.

Back To Basics Ashleigh Frager

I got to meet Ashleigh at WELL Summit and she so kind and so devoted to making Back to Basics the best it can be. Seriously, the real deal. You can sign up for their boxes here. They offer an Eco Chic Chica box, a Go Green Gent box and a Household Combo box which is the biggest size and has products for men and women included. If you haven’t already started shopping for gifts, this would make a great one. Here’s to a healthier home! xo

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