August Beauty Heroes

August started out with a bang for us and between sick kiddos, a traveling hubby and trying to pull ourselves together for a trip, I’ve been behind! But I can’t let this month slip by without telling you about the August Beauty Heroes box. As an ambassador I get the box a little early so I can have a little more time with the product(s) and it’s always such an honor to be one of the first to share it with you guys, seriously. Beauty Heroes is one of those boxes that almost always has a product I’ve been dying to try or is already a firm favorite, and it’s continually such a great value, so it’s easy for me to be team Beauty Heroes and give my endorsement. Obviously EVERY box can’t be perfect for me and my skin, so every once in a great while (I think it’s happened twice in the 2 years I’ve been an ambassador) I get a product that’s not my favorite. Such is the case this month. Although the product was a bit of a miss for me personally, it’s a brand that checks off a lot of boxes on my list and a brand that has high ingredient standards and a cult following, so obviously I may be the odd one out here!

The Bean Mask

The Bean Antioxidant Mask

Since I’m a little late posting this month, you may have already seen that the featured brand is Mahalo and the Hero is The Bean Antioxidant Mask. Mahalo is a Hawaiian brand that does it’s best to source ingredients from Hawaii and/or source organic or wildcrafted ingredients. The mask is formulated to be suitable for most skin types and to clear your complexion, increase firmness, and increase circulation. As you’ll read below, I haven’t used it enough to testify to any of those results. I will say that looking at the ingredients, you’ll find some of the best ingredients for detoxing skin, adding antioxidants and making your skin glow. From the powerhouse Astaxanthin to the trifecta of beans (cacao, coffee and vanilla), this mask has nothing but ingredients that any skin would love. In addition to the mask, they’ve also included a beautiful bamboo mask brush to really give you a relaxing spa experience at home!

The Bean Mask

Many of you who’ve been long time readers know I have kind of a sticking point with scents and I can’t explain it, but there is something about the way Mahalo’s products smell that really gets to me. It’s totally a weird personal thing and since it’s happened with multiple products of theirs, I’ve searched the ingredient lists for the culprit. I have no idea what it is. And just to clarify, the mask doesn’t smell bad, it’s just that the scent of the mask and other products is not for me, to the point where it makes it hard to use it. When I first opened The Bean it smelled mostly like chocolately goodness and I was pleasantly surprised, but after I applied it the other scents started to come out and I knew this was never going to be a mask I enjoyed using. Mahalo has a host of bloggers that rave about them and many loyal customers so I think it’s just me, but it’s a good lesson in every product not working for every single person.


This is also a good time to note that if you’re a subscriber you can definitely opt out of certain months if you have any allergies or aversions to certain ingredients. They have awesome customer service. Beauty Heroes is one of the best boxes out there for trying high quality products at a great price and this situation is exactly why I highly recommend them. The retail value of this box is $100, but the cost was almost a third of that and I definitely think this is a much easier way to see if a product works for you, rather than purchasing it at full price only to find it was a miss. If you’ve been wanting to try Mahalo, you can sign up here before August 20th to receive it. As always, Beauty Heroes members receive 15% everyday in their Beauty Store– another reason they’re such a great value. Also for those wondering what I’ll do with the mask, it found a good home with one of my friends transitioning to cleaner beauty. She loved it! xo

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  1. i am so happy and relieved to read your thoughts ! i feel exactly the same and i was starting to think i must be crazy because mahalo always gets rave reviews and i just cannot use their line. i can’t get past the scent of their products no matter how hard i have tried to enjoy their skincare. i had purchased samples of almost all their products with no luck and had to toss the full size rare indigo and petal mask. i have only used the bean once and also thought it smelled nice in the jar but after washing it off it left a completely different scent on my skin. i also could not tolerate the lil fox cleopatra mask from BH box, how were you with that ?

  2. Hi Carole,
    So funny how smell can have a huge impact and is so personal! I always struggle to describe scents and I know things I may like, others may not, so it’s one of those things that you never know until you actually smell the product yourself. I didn’t mind the Cleopatra Mask, but once again that just goes to show how much it can vary from one person to another!

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