7 Things For October

Not to be cliché, but how is it fall already? Seriously, I’m still stuck in full on summer mode and have yet to break out any cold weather clothes due to this sweltering weather we’re having. Meanwhile every house I pass has pumpkins piled high on the front porch and gorgeous mums out, while our house has zero signs of fall. Changing up the decor is on my ever growing to-do list for this weekend, but until then here’s 7 things to for October!

Ursa Major Flash Mask


Ursa Major just dropped a new mask and it is pretty amazing! Their Bright & Easy 3 Minute Flash Mask is super quick, but still delivers results. It leaves my skin smoother, toned and soft. The best part? This is the first enzyme mask that didn’t leave my face stinging and red. It’s the perfect pre-party mask to prep your skin without any irritation and now is the time to be upping your party prepping game people. The next couple of months will be a blitz of parties and gatherings!

Kjaer Weis pencil


Speaking of upping your party game, Kjaer Weis just released pencils for lips and eyes. This is one of the best makeup launches I’ve seen this fall. They go on smooth and allow a lot of definition and have excellent staying power. Perfect for all the more dramatic looks that come when the weather cools off. What more could you want? Oh, maybe chic packaging? Of course, KW always delivers products that look as gorgeous on your makeup table as they do when you wear them. You can find them at AILLEA.



Pumpkin pancakes. My son has been begging for some and I found a super clean (and paleo friendly) recipe on the Wellness Mama site. You can whip these up quick and they’re packed with vitamins. I love to use a little bit of 4th & Heart’s Vanilla Bean Ghee on top. It’s heavenly!



If you’re lucky enough to live somewhere that’s actually cooling off right now, you may be looking for a richer moisturizer for your face. I reviewed BARA Balm from the brand ‘h is for love’ previously and it’s still one of the top balms I reach for when my skin needs something extra. Plus pumpkin flavored everything also makes us want pumpkin colored everything, and I can’t get enough of it’s gorgeous color.

Maya Chia Eye Achiever


Another new launch this month, that also happens to have a gorgeous color, is Maya Chia’s Eye Achiever. You guys know I’m a huge Maya Chia fan and loved going to their studio, so when they offered to send me one of their new eye serums I said of course! But inside I was hoping it was up to snuff, because I’ve tried tons of oily eye serums that I really haven’t liked. This one has blown me away though. I love the roller ball applicator and even though it’s oil-based, it’s very light and sinks in fast. The best part? I’ve seen a noticeable reduction in how puffy my eyes are. That wasn’t one of the highlighted issues it addresses, so I consider it a happy little surprise. You can buy it directly from Maya Chia or find it here. Psst- I’m teaming up with them to giveaway one on Instagram later today!

Organic Candy Corn


Ditch the junk candy. I was so excited when I finally found a cleaner version of candy corn (No artificial dyes, flavors, GMO’s, ect), but when I showed them on my Instagram Stories I found people either love or hate candy corn. It opened quite a can of worms haha. If you love candy corn then I highly recommend this brand and if you don’t, Yumearth happens to have lots of cleaner candy options which you can find at Whole Foods and on Amazon. I mean, if you’re going shove piles of sugar in your face it might as well be organic, right?



And the Pink Washing Begins. It happens every October and You’ll probably see a few people in the Wellness space calling it out, but my girl Janny has a great post breaking it all down here. Basically, some companies just take a product that causes cancer and turn the label pink to sell more during October. Think everything from lipstick with known carcinogens to pesticide and GMO-filled packaged foods. Janny goes into more depth on her post and very informative on what we can do to actually prevent breast cancer.

Happy October! xo

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