7 Things For June

Summer always seems to bring a wave of nostalgia. School is out and seeing how excited my son is for his first official summer break brings back all the memories of my own summer breaks. Many of which were spent on the beach of a small island in Maine where my grandparents lived. Playing in the frigid waves with my cousins seemed like so much fun at the time. These days, I may be less excited about jumping into chilly water, but there’s still plenty that I look forward to this summer (not the least of which is a vacation at a much warmer beach)! From fun new product releases for summer to some new recipes, I’ve rounded up 7 things for June!

Matcha Book

One: Matcha A Lifestyle Guide by Jessica Flint and Anna Kavaliunas

I love matcha, but beyond making a quick matcha latte or throwing some in a smoothie, I wasn’t really sure what to do with it. Enter this book “Matcha A Lifestyle Guide”. The book goes over the health benefits of matcha to what to look for when buying it and it also includes tons of recipes. From matcha mojitos to matcha pancakes, I’ve got lots of great ideas for a quick pick me up that doesn’t include a cup of coffee on a hot summer day.


Two: That Sugar Film

Though this documentary was made in 2014, we just watched That Sugar Film recently and what was interesting was that unlike other food documentaries that focus on junk food or processed foods, this focused on organic, “health” foods. As you probably know by now, we eat pretty healthy in our house, but the film really went into detail about finding sugar in unlikely foods, just how much more sugar we eat in the modern world than at any other time in human history and what it does inside your body to various organs. I was drinking a glass of wine while we watched and it almost made me want to pour it out.. almost.

Maya Chia Highlight Of The Day

Three: Maya Chia Highlight Of The Day Body Illuminating Serum

This limited edition beauty moisturizes so well and has just the right amount of golden, pearlized glow to make your skin look smooth and glowing. It smells like neroli and sweet orange and the blend of oils used is designed to moisturize deeply and help your skin heal bruises and more to look it’s best. I highly recommend! This is a must-have for baring skin this summer.

Four: Maya Chia Highlight Of The Day in After Hours

Maya Chia for the win again this summer with their newly released Highlight Of The Day shade. It has a beachy, bronzey glow and gives your skin a little bit of summery glow. They nailed the color of it. I’ve been wearing on my cheeks and I don’t need bronzer or blush!

Five: A Special Deal For My Readers

All the fun in the sun and water makes summer an important time to take care of your skin. I’ve shared this on Instagram, but True Botanicals is offering my readers $20 off of their first order of $40 or more with code MOLLYTRUE20. True Botanicals is one of my favorite skincare lines and I’ve been asked several times if I have any special discount codes for them. They rarely have sales, so if you want to try them out, this discount is a great way! Some favorites are their tinted sunscreen, Renew Serum and Vitamin C Booster.

Plant Ground Control


I love PLANT’s body washes (which you can find at Target), but now I have a new favorite from them. They recently released GROUND CONTROL and it smells divine. It has bergamot and rosemary, so it’s very uplifting and a bit earthy and also unisex. The oil is thicker and sinks in immediately. This has become a favorite when I get out of the shower!

Natural Sunscreen Raw Elements

Seven: Sunscreen

I’ve gotten a lot of emails and DM’s asking about sunscreen and I never mind talking about this, because it’s such an important topic. I wrote two recent posts on it here and here, which includes some of my favorite brands. The biggest thing when shopping is getting a mineral sunscreen rather than a chemical one. Even mineral-based ones often include a chemical blocker as well, so you want to make sure the ingredients list either zinc or titanium dioxide as the active ingredients and are purely a mineral sunscreen. Check out the two posts above for more info on the topic.

Hope you all have a fantastic summer kick off! xo


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